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Tumble polishing stones

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Polishing rocks with a rotary tumbler is a relatively easy and fun project that anyone can enjoy. The method of achieving a smooth surface through agitation of various rocks with a water and finer grit has been found in nature for thousands of years…see the many rocks on beaches around the world. A search on line will yield information on rock and tumbler selection, grit choices and process times. Briefly, you should select rocks of the same harness family to avoid destroying softer stones with harder ones. Second, choose a good quality tumbler with a barrel large enough to accommodate your stones, grit, ceramic or other assisting material and water…leaving about a third to a quarter of the volume empty. Next select polishing grits, most processes use 4 stages: course through to the very fine final polish. The process requires washing and examining the batch at roughly 1 week intervals and usually takes a month or so to complete. Enjoy your final result and display proudly!

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